Useful Tips On How To Write An Undergraduate Dissertation

Dissertation is a final written assignment that requires a lot of your spare time and strict following of the work schedule during the whole year. If you haven’t managed to do that, there will be some implications for the degree of your dissertation and the mark that will be given. So before starting the writing process, make sure that you have managed your time properly and there won’t be any stressful situations. If your tutor hasn’t given you a special topic, it is time to figure out your own.

  1. It is a great chance to explore something you are in deep interest with, have already explored during the previous classes or have always been willing to write about. The topic can be connected to any field of study and you are free to let your imagination flow. However, sometimes even picking up a topic can cause you plenty of problems and waste your time. If the situation sounds familiar, it is better to ask your academic advisor for some paper writing help. Once, you have figured out your dissertation topic, you can start writing the dissertation itself.
  2. A useful tip for you – try to write every idea in a small notebook, so that you are always able to find them. The next step is brainstorming process or lots of reading. You can start with some classical works in your chosen area, and finish with some unusual sources like magazines or TV news, however make sure that every resource is academic and you can rely on them. A typical literature list of references consists of 25-50 sources, so you can imagine how many books you will have to read to succeed in you assignment. Now it is time to formulate clear and understandable questions that your job will try to find reasonable answers. You will also have to revise some literature in the same researching field as your question.
  3. Try to catch up with some independent researches to answer your question in more academic way. Methods are also a very essential part of every dissertation, so you will have to justify what kind of methods you have been using during the writing process. Another task is to give out and to dispute your research findings, and demonstrate how they refer to your original questions. The structure of dissertation is typical – starting with the introduction section, the literature review, methodology explanations, findings, evaluation part, discussions, and finally the conclusions and recommendations section.

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